CONNECT Denmark Pitch


CONNECT Denmark invited four of the winning groups of Startup Weekend Herning to participate in a special pitch workshop on January 10th within the beautiful settings of TEKO. CONNECT Denmark is a nationwide non-profit organisation, which consists of about 900 people from more than 400 companies in all parts of Danish business life. They combines inventiveness, will and courage with knowledge, skills and network. We know that the match between inventiveness and experience is what can lift a company towards its next goal. The members are managers, key persons and specialists from Danish business life, a number of research institutions and public institutions.

A selection of CONNECT Denmark members created a critical and honest panel for the Startup Weekend Herning groups to pitch to.

What can you do in 5 minutes?

The schedule for the group was as the following:

  • 5 minute pitch
  • Feedback from the panel
  • 45 minutes preparation
  • 5 minute pitch
  • Feedback

5 minutes is a short time to explain a project which you truly believe in, and that you have spend many hours developing – non the less, 5 minutes was the allowed to for each group to pitch their idea.

The competent and high-profiled  panel provided the groups with straight forward and honest feedback in order for the groups to improve their pitch – and a clear improvement was experienced during the second pitches of the groups. This can very well be the next step for the groups when they search for future partners, employees or sponsors for their companies. We wish them the best of luck.