January 10th was a day of celebration, personal development and an opportunity of stay updated on how the groups of Startup Weekend Herning have been doing.
It was a pleasure to see all of you again, and hear about how you´ve been doing since the fantastic weekend we shared in Birk Center Park.

Vistisen & Lunde, and DAHL Advokatfirma hosted a fantastic after party for the participants of Startup Weekend, and they really went all out to set the mood for a cosy evening in the settings of the beautiful buildings at Kaj Munks Vej in Herning.

After greetings, warm hugs and big smiles, the crowd gathered around an amazing dinner with delicious tapas, wine and talks of the larger and the smaller topics of life.

The groups which were represented shared their progress, upcoming tasks and gained knowledge with the party and the stories they told were truly uplifting, and it is impossible not to feel proud and excited with what have been accomplished.

  • One group has moved into their new office the Innovatorium.
  • One group is working on market research.
  • Another is starting the production of their product within the next month.
  • The great news kept coming and coming, even though several mentioned the hard work it takes.

It felt like the perfect mixture of entrepreneurship, pleasure and great energy.

What is your colour? 

Mogens Abildgaard from e-stimate presented the key points of the personal profile and explained how this knowledge can be used within companies and group work.

e-stimate is divided into four colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Each of the colours represents a set of personality traits, based upon the theory of Carl Jung.

Prior to the party, everyone had the opportunity to create their unique e-stimate profile, which was explained to each of the participants.  The party was then divided in two groups in which an even more thorough analysis was created, with group work in mind. The workshop provided the groups to see each others colours and then debate how to work together in the best way possible. Plenty of room to debate, plenty of room to gain knowledge about yourself, and plenty of room to laugh.

The (bumpy) road to success

Rasmus Munch, the co-owner of, gave an inspirational speech about being an entrepreneur in which we were invited to a personal view of his professional ups and downs.

Rasmus brought the listening crowd on a journey through the different startups he have been a part of, described the pitfalls he fell into, the importance of good partnership and the road to his current company.

Professional legal advice from Dahl

Søren Wolder Knudsen provided professional advice for the groups which can be used to avoid some of the pitfalls when starting a business. Especially the topic of writing contracts was covered, while the participants were listening carefully. To have the opportunity to have the legal documents ready when being in the mere beginning of an startup is highly valuable and Startup Weekend Herning is greatly appreciative.

The winning groups will have the opportunity to have a session with Dahl law.

Thank you for a great evening

The organizer team would like to thank you all for an amazing evening. We are very excited to hear about the progress you all have made regarding your startups, and are eager to follow you all in the future. Therefore we urge you to keep in contact and share your experiences.

Thank you to the speakers who gave us an inside view of the knowledge you have within your experience, and we know that everyone left feeling wiser.

A special than you goes to Vistisen & Lunde and Dahl for inviting us to a great event. We felt very welcome (and a bit spoiled).